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March 2018 Pawprints


Day light times begins March 11th 

  *St Patrick’s Day will be celebrated on Friday, March 16th,

We will be closed for Good Friday March 30th.

*We offer Music classes as extra curriculum for ages 3-5.

*We also are very blessed to be able to provide Spanish classes, once a week, for ages 3-5 for a fee of $50.00.  By becoming Bilingual this contributes to a child’s future academic success.


 Pick up is 6p.m. If after 6 p.m. a late fee will be paid to each staff member.  First offense a $5.00 fee must be paid for each 10 minutes.  On the second offense a $15.00 fee applies, for each 10 minutes, and on the third and final offense a fee of $25.00 for each 10 minutes.  This is to paid to the staff member when the parent arrives, cash only

      Thank you all so much for having your child wash their hands as they come and go from our preschool. We are all trying to be conscious of keeping all who enter here healthy. We have been washing our toys in the dishwasher & washing all our dress up clothes and stuffed animals more frequently. We strive to keep our back doors open as much as possible throughout our day to  let the fresh air and sunshine inJ

Ms. Laleh


                    'For behold, the winter is past,‘ The rain is over and gone.

 'The flowers appear on the land. The time of singing has come.   Song of Solomon 2:11-12