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April 2018 Pawprints

Welcome Spring!  With the new season come some changes to be aware of.  After many years, our All Saints Preschools are uniting in efforts to truly be “one family”.  As of May 1, 2018, both sites will have the operating hours 7a.m. – 6p.m.

We thank you for being flexible and understanding as we refresh our policies,

Sign in – Sign out…This is a legal document; adults are required to their children in and out.  Please print your child’s name clearly.  Thank you

For the safety of our Pre School, please do not open the door for anyone.  When you are coming in, and leaving, please make sure the door is closed.

Thank you so much for your corporation.


Looking for something special to do with your children? April 23rd is Earth Day!  Planting flowers and seeds is a fun activity and it’s a wonderful way to teach children about care and respect of Mother Earth.   Check out Balbo Park web site for celebration details. Enjoy!

Please be thinking about your preschool needs so you can let us know what your plans are here with us. We are open all year, yet have a school year. We will have children moving up to their next age group during June, July and August preparing them for our new school year beginning August 17th.

Please remember to replace clothes that are sent home, and return extra clothing that comes from the classroom.  Accidents do happen and we are running low on our extra clothing, especially little girls’ panties and pants.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Please remember to label everything, jackets, hats, bedding for nap time and extra clothing in their cubbies in case of accidents. Your child’s initials with a black marker would be extremely helpful for us. We have Teachers working here each day who are happy to help children find their belongings & return them to their proper cubby.


Springtime blessings,                      Jesus Christ has risen today…Alleluia      

Ms. Laleh Tafreshi