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2Christmas Concert

Each year at Christmas time the children gather at All Saints' Church to sing Christmas songs old and new to our Moms and Dads.  We enjoy fellowship of desserts after our ceremony in the church parish hall.  There is a lot to be said in seeing very young children singing carols so beautifully.

2Pre-K Graduation

Each June our Pre-K children graduate from our school and go off to kindergarten.  We charish the time these children have spent with us and send them off with a wonderful graduation ceremony held at All Saints' Church.

Typically our little church is packed at this event with so much family that it resembles a highschool graduation.  Our children leave graduation quite proud of themselves. 


3Water day!


The children enjoy our water day each summer.  Once a week throughout the summer months we turn on our sprinklers and let our children run free.  Some enjoy splashing in the mud while others chose to make mud pies.

Every child in our program looks so forward to these special days in the sun each week.


4Extra Curricular Activities

Each day at our school the children are eligable for extra curricular activities which include spanish, computer, sports, music and the Gym Bus.  Each of these activities are provided by outside sources for a nominal fee.