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Honey Bears - May 2016

Happy May... We have now finished our alphabet letters up to X. We will finish up letters y and z this month and start reviewing with the children. We are continuing our first and last name recognition as well as spelling our names. We are practicing our double-digit numbers for our older children as well as single numbers for our newly transitional children. Our theme for may will be about Spring, Gardening and Mothers. The Bible theme will be about "Growth." If any parent's would like to make "mini" terrariums for our classroom, we have a few empty containers you can use (come on, you can do it!)! Please continue to check your child's art file daily, and turn in those reading logs. We love having each child with us and enjoy so much being a part of your lives and watching them learn and grow. Remember to check snack calendar for your turn to bring snack. We often lack an afternoon snack. We will be closed Memorial Day, May 30th. Enjoy your long weekend. Thank you and God Bless you all Ms. Sandy/Miss. Lisa May God bless you and your family Ms. Alexis & Ms. Adrianna 13th annual ice cream social Monday June 6th in all our classrooms at 12:00 noon all Moms and Dads are invited to join us:)