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Care Bears - June 2016

Spring has been so special in the Care Bear class! A loving Thank You to our families for the thoughtful "Teacher" gifts on appreciation day! We felt so special! As June begins, we will welcome the new season of summer and all "The fun under the sun" activities it brings. As we continue studying this beautiful earth, we will learn this month about "Purple mountains majesty" and the "Fruited desert plains". The hidden magic of the seemingly barren deserts will come to life, and we will learn who and what lives in the hot sands of the world. We will also explore mountains and the flora and fauna that inhabit them-what is the view from some of the highest points on earth? What treasures of ancient people are hidden in unexplored places? Our imaginations are fueled and ready to fly! Our academics will include review of the alphabet; the sounds letters make, and number recognition and use up to 20. A very special day will be celebrated this month! Father's day will bring surprises and extra hugs for the men in our lives. Thank you to the strong and loving gentlemen who influence the lovely children we see each day! A fond farewell to our friends who leave us this month for vacation time with family, we wish you a marvelous experience and hope to see you soon! Those Care Bears remaining for our summer program...get ready for a blast! There are hot plans being made for cool fun! Please remember sunscreen, extra marked clothes, and to mark your calendar for snack day! Looking forward to sunny days with you... Please remember to join us for our ice cream social Monday, June 6th @ 12:00. In peace... And with grateful hearts, Ms. Kim & Ms. Adreanna