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Honey Bears - June 2016

It's truly hard to believe how fast this year has gone with Summer nearly on us. We have enjoyed having each and every one of your children in our class this year and are very proud of all they have learned. We will miss those that will be leaving us for the summer, but looking forward to water days, yummy cool pops for snack and doing lots of fun projects for our children that are staying with us for the summer. Last month the children were quite the artists making Mom's gifts. We also learned about spring and finishing our last letter of the alphabet. The children are continuing to enjoy our new independent study centers and new manipulative. The results in their learning are indeed showing!. We were very proud of how well the children did on their Pre-K assessments and the Panda teachers were very impressed with how much they know and how prepared they are to begin Pre-K. To start off the summer we will be learning about the Ocean and aquatic animals, as well as making Father's Day projects. We will continue to review letters A-Z, numbers 1-10, shapes, colors and our bible lesson will be on Jesus. We will also continue to work with them on their fine motor skills. A few important notes: * All items brought to school should be labeled. * On our water day please bring a towel, water shoes, and a swim suit in a bag. All labeled please:) Our 1st water day will be June 9th *Please bring fresh fruit/veggies, cheese, yogurt, and any type of dry goods for snack. We want to teach the children healthy eating habits. We have truly enjoyed working with your little ones. This is such a great age and has been a lot of fun for us. Please remember to pack an ice pack in your child's lunch every day and for all our full time students please remember your nap stuff. May God bless you. Have a safe, enjoyable and relaxing summer. Please join us for our 13 year anniversary ice cream social Monday, June 6th @ 12:00. Summer blessings, Ms. Sandy & Ms. Lisa