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Care Bears - July 2016

Summer is here-let the sun shine in! What a great time to share with friends. This month the Care Bears will be exploring the beautiful beach and the treasures it holds. From pearly shells, to the inhabitants of the deep blue sea, we will investigate and appreciate this incredible piece of the world. Summer fun...picnics, kite flying, water play...will fill our July with joy! (Look for notices regarding splash days!) Our country's birthday will offer time for talk about how America began. We will celebrate 4th of July with special music, exciting art and of course, a party! It is also a good opportunity to discuss the value of faithfulness ~ being true to our hearts, family and friends, community, and our country. We will also be reviewing the alphabet, numbers and shapes. Soak up the warmth of the season, hug your precious ones and feel the goodness we all share. Remember sunscreen, enjoy today, and join us, in peace and love under the sun! Ms. Kim & Ms. Adreanna