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Teddy Bears - Aug 2016

This summer has been so much fun! We will continue to play in the water daily and have lots of sensory projects. Our themes will continue on from the Beach to the Ocean! We will also have new friends coming to join us this month, Welcome! Please be sure to check our snack calendar for your assigned day. We ask that you please not bring glass containers for your child in their lunch box. We will warm up their lunch on a paper plate. Therefore, we ask for all things plastic when packing their lunch:) Please speak with us daily. We want to answer any question you have about your child's day here with us. We do not write notes home for this reason. We want a personal relationship with each of you. If you are in a hurry at drop off, please call us when you get a moment to let us know of any needs your child may have. We ask that you all please bring in a change of clothes for your child and leave them in their cubby for us to have on hand as needed:) and please put sunscreen your child before you come to school. Thank you Ms. Denise, Ms. Darcy & Ms. Cara