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Honey Bears - Aug 2016

WOW.... August has come so quickly this year! With warm days here and hot days to come, please dress children in comfortable clothes and feel free to bring water bottles WITH names on it. In our Honey Bear class, we are using "neutral" colors and "natural" surroundings to reflect calmness and nature. For the month of August we will be "reviewing" and "assessing" to see where the children are at for the academics. We will be discussing "Back to School" and learning rules in the classroom. Snack Calendar-be sure to bring snacks for the children on your child's assigned day (healthy snacks if able). Our Bible lesson will be about New Testament lessons. Please feel free to let your child bring in storybooks about God too. Reading Logs- Honey Bear's like to read! We have "Reading Log sheets" behind our door. We want to encourage all parents to read to their children each night. Some Honey Bears will be moving to our Pre-K classrooms on August 17th. We will miss you and had a great time with you all and we welcome all new Honey Bears and returning Honey Bears. Welcome to our new and returning friends. Please remember to check your snack day:) Thank you and God bless you, Ms. Sandy & Ms. Lisa