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Care Bears - Aug 2016

As the days of summer begin to fade, the Care Bears are preparing to say "good-bye" to friends who have grown into a new class, and "welcome" to newcomers. We are excited to begin our "new" year and are looking forward to beginning our Fall program. Several of our children will be moving up August 17th. Please take a look on our classroom door to see which room your child will be moving to for pre-k. The month of August will bring Island exploration. We will discover how an island is made, and the many beautiful plants and animals of these exotic places. As a celebration of summer's end and the changes it brings, we are going to dress in island style and have a luau! Music, dance, art and food....What better way to experience different cultures! Circle time will continue to include review of letters and sounds, numbers, and thoughts of the value of kindness. We will be cooking, kite flying, and experimenting with fun science projects. Please remember your snack day too! Back to school night is Wednesday September 9th, so mark your calendars. We will dance ahead in this circle of life warm with...peace and love, Ms Kim & Ms. Adreanna