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Panda I - Aug 2016

Wow, the heat found us! Summer is sizzling and the children love the outdoor fun. We will continue to keep it light, playful and fun. Group discussions about vacations, camping and trips to the beach will be fun topics in August. For all our friends leaving us this month for kindergarten we would love to know your last day so we may celebrate you:) Circle time will continue to include letters, sounds, numbers, names, birthday recognition, writing and spelling our names. Please look at your child's snack calendar for the month of August they could be on either their new Panda 1 class or the class they are leaving. Congratulations Honey Bears & Care Bears; you are the big kids now!! Mid month you will move up and over to our Panda 1 class. On August 17th we will begin the Pre-k curriculum. I'm excited to help your child master the skills needed for Kindergarten. If you have any questions, please address them to us. New Panda's please bring a blanket or roll up for nap and a sheet and change of clothes to keep under your cubby. Also names on everything please:) God Bless you all, Ms. Ladan & Ms. Terri