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Koalas - Sep 2016

Hello and welcome to a new and wonderful year here in the Koala room! We want to get this month started with back to school projects. School buses, chalk boards and all the other wonders of school will decorate our room. We are going to "get to know" each other in our classroom. Please have your child bring in a family picture to share at circle time. Please know this picture may get dirty or wrinkled in showing off their family to others, please have a duplicate at home safe & sound. We have begun our fall curriculum and all is going great! Your child should be sharing some exciting new lessons; we are singing songs and reading stories. In circle time the children are learning how to share their space and be good listeners. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or express a concern, that's what we are here for! We are diligently working on potty training; we have found that a little treat goes a long way. The children are given one jelly bean for "going" in the potty. If you have something that you would prefer your child to have, please let us know. Ms. Michaela & Ms. Laura