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Care Bears - Sep 2016

Welcome to the Care Bear class! We are delighted to meet our new friends and their lovely families. This year will be filled with aspirations, inspiration, perspiration, and loads of fun! The winds of change are blowing through the Care Bear class this month! After a fabulous summer of sand and sun, we are ready to welcome the wonderful season of Fall. With all the rich colors, earth changes, and savory smells, Autumn brings opportunity for great sensory experience! We will observe how the earth and the animals begin to ready themselves for "rest time". Farm life will let us understand how we get our food and why this beautiful part of our land is so important. Animals will be a fun part of our study...farm animals and our own precious pets. Be ready to share if you would like to! September will focus on our communities, and who gets the work done! Community helpers will be a topic of discussion, so if you would like to talk about what you do each day, please let us know - we would love to have visitors at circle time! In honor of all those, now and before us, who have labored long and hard to provide for their families, we will all celebrate Labor Day at home on Monday, September 5th ~ Enjoy! This month we will also discover an American icon...Johnny Apple seed! We will see how one person's faith can change a country:) In September we will begin our academic program, as well. We will practice the alphabet and how each letter sounds, begin to recognize and use numbers, and review shapes and colors. Along with music, art and cooking, September promises to be full of fun! Our Bible studies will begin, of course "In the beginning". Perfectly suited for the start of a new and wonderful year together. Just a note of reminder-each snack day we are planning on 24 friends, for a morning AND afternoon snack-thank you for remembering! As always, we are grateful for little blessings we enjoy with you and your precious children and look forward to the beginning of this "Bountiful season". Welcoming you in peace & love, Ms. Kim & Ms. Adreanna