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Care Bears - Apr 2017

What a great March we had- from jade beetles, to the emerald isle, and its inhabitants. Thank you, as always for your generous contributions to our St. Patrick's celebrations. Have you been taught the Irish jig yet by your own leprechaun? Our bible discussions this month will include stories of Jesus miraculous good works as he shared God's word before he left our earth. The essence of "re-birth", our spirits and our earth will fill our hearts with new wonder! Easter Celebration will be Wednesday March 12th and Thursday March 13th. Look for sign ups if you have time to help. As Spring continues to decorate our world, the Care Bear room will blossom. We will learn about planting and how things grow on our planet- from tiny seedlings to precious babies of all kinds. April is Earth month and we will be talking about this home, and its care we are entrusted with. Earth Day fun, recycling, and space will all be part of our time together. Share an appreciation of our world, embrace your families, and revel in the beauty of a bursting-into-bloom Earth!. As always we will celebrate with food and fun and joyful moments. Our school will be closed Good Friday, April 14th. We hope this Spring is the beginning of new and wonderful things for all of our families. A few notes to make springtime sparkle: * Please leave extra clothes for your child at school... accidents happen! :) * Please check our snack calendar for your special day. * Please provide a LABELED Sweater for cool afternoons. *Reading is fun! Please check the scholastic catalogs for favorite books! Wishing you bouquets of peace and love, Ms. Kim, Ms. Adreanna & Ms. Irene