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Koalas - Aug 2017

             Summer FUN continues in the Koala Class! We will continue to explore the great blue ocean, discussing Ocean Life and Beach fun. Our newest Koalas are settling into the classroom routine well enjoying many hands-on activities. We are making ocean animals and gearing up for a great start to the new school year. The Koalas are still working hard on following directions & the Classroom Rules & using their manners in treating others kindly. Please keep toys at home. Your child has plenty here and toys from home tend to cause distraction and arguments.

        Also, please remember that when it’s your snack day we ask that you bring in snack from 2 food groups and enough for 24 children. Meal/snack times are wonderful for practicing social skills and manners as well as providing  nutrition for our growing bodies & brainsJ

        Please be sure, as always, to speak with us regarding anything going on in your child’s life.

Thank you and God bless.

Ms. Michaela, Ms. Paloma, Ms. Sarain & Ms. Laura