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Honey Bears - Jan 2018

     Welcome to 2018!  We hope everyone had a blessed and fun Christmas. In this New Year

     For the month of January, our theme will be “All About Winter.”  Our Bible stories will be “Animals in the Bible.”  Letters we will focus on will be Q-U and numbers 0-30.  Writing skills, cutting, songs, art, and more are a part of our continued curriculum.

     A big thank you for all our gifts and great encouragement, and for all you do.  We are thankful.

     Cold and flu season is here! If able, please keep your children home when sick, we try our best to not spread germs (too much)

     Please write your child’s name on jackets, sweaters and lunch boxes.  Many children have the same things as you do.

     Please remember to check the snack calendar for your child’s snack day.   Thank you

 God Bless all of you,

Ms. Sandy & Ms. Lisa