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Care Bears - Jan 2018

     Happy New Year to all!  What a wonderful holiday season we’ve had! Thank you to all our Care Bear families who helped make our celebrations so awesome! It was so special to share Christmas and New Years with our All Saints’ family.          January is an exciting month. We will have great fun doing cool arts and crafts, and interesting science projects. This month our class will explore the Arctic.  How is life different there from the rest of the world and what do we find that we have

in common?  Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will open Peace Week in our room as we discover how to make a difference.  We will seek ways to grow peace and love in our hearts and in the world.


      Lunar New Year also begins at the end of the month, so celebrates of life continue in the Care Bear Class!

     We will also continue learning more of the alphabet & numbers, and how we use them. Please remember to bring extra clothes and a labeled jacket to school as the afternoons are very chilly! Thank you for remembering to check our snack  calendar. Our growing Care Bears look forward to delicious and healthy treats! Each month please look for new scholastic book orders. It is a wonderful way to encourage your child to love reading, and every purchase benefits our class. Bonus points mean new books for our class! We are so excited to enter the second half of our year with our wonderful Care Bears. May you begin this New Year with hope and continue on…


In Peace and Love


Ms. Kim and  Ms. Adreanna