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Teddy Bears - Apr 2018

     Thank you to all our parents for the yummy contributions to our St. Patrick’s Day Party. The children had such a fun time eating all the fun food! We truly appreciate all that you do for us.

     Please bring in a family picture so we can add the picture to our faith board.   Spring Is Here!  We are welcoming all this wonderful warm weather, but please continue to bring your little one a LABELED jacket. This month will be all about Gods’ little creatures, from birds to the bees and all the little bugs in between.  Our theme will be bugs and flowers and how the two cannot live without each otherJ 

      Also please don’t forget your snack day, April snack calendars are postedJ  When bringing diapers in, please bring in wipes. Thank you.

    Remember, if there is anything you have questions or concerns about always feel free to talk with us. We want to keep the lines of communication open in regard to your beautiful young child!

      Friday, April 6th will be Ms. Esperanza’s last day with us.  Please join us in wishing her well with her new endeavors


Many blessings,


Ms. Darcy, Ms Esperanza and Ms. Shawna