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Koalas - Apr 2018

   In the Koala class we really focus on & encourage your child’s sense of independence as well as their self-help skills. Please help us with this by encouraging them at home too! You’ll be amazed the things they can do themselves. Our Koala’s are dressing with little to no assistance, putting on their own shoes, feeding themselves and cleaning their messes after meal timeJ We are so proud of them every day!

   As our Koala’s grow in skill it’s so important that we work together in their development of social skills, respect and manners, these things last a lifetime!

    The month of April brings a whole bunch of wonderful and exciting experiences to the Koala room! Always remember to think healthy on your child’s snack day! We are so thankful for the wonderful nutritious snacks we receive each month.

Please be sure that you bring in an extra set of cloths for your child.  Please return any borrowed clothes as we are running low on our extras.  Thank you

   Our class will continue to talk about Spring and the beauty it brings to our world. The sun brings warmth and more fun outside, so please be sure your child has sunscreen on before coming to school. We so enjoy getting to be a part of your Koalas early learning experiences. Thank you for that privilege.

*Please remember to label everything belonging to your child.

  Most sincerely & with God’s love,


Ms. Michaela, Ms. Irene and Ms. Sarain