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Koalas - June 2018

     Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s already June and summer is here! We are getting ready for some warm weather and fun in the sun! We will be making Father’s day gifts for our well-deserving Dads.  We will talk about what makes Dads and Grandpas special!

     The warm weather will find us outdoors a lot! Please keep a complete change of clothes in your cubby and remember to lather up on sunscreen daily.

1)    We have been diligently working on our mannersJ. Please and Thank You! We will keep working on this.

2)   A few reminders: please send your child with LIGHT nap stuff as the weather warms, those little bodies heat up and we wouldn’t want them OVER-heating. Please come talk to us if you have a concern or question. Thank you and we sincerely hope you all enjoy your time with us, as each day in a child’s life is a new experience.


Ms. Michaela & Ms. Irene