“Do you offer any sort of discounts?”

  • We offer two discounts, a 10% off your second child, our sibling discount and our 10% off Church members discount.

“What are the ratios in each classroom?”

  • State Licensing requires that children of preschool age (2-5 years) have a 1:12 teacher to child ratio, and toddlers (18-24 months) a 1:6 teacher to child ratio. At All Saints’ we strive to keep our ratios lower, and most of our classrooms have an extra teacher in them to lend a helping hand.

“When/what is nap time?”

  • Community Care Licensing requires that all children of preschool age have a nap/quiet time. Nap time is roughly between 12:00 to 2:30 p.m. each day and varies slightly from class to class. Your child will need a fitted crib sheet and a small blanket for nap time that goes home to be laundered weekly.

“What is your disciplinary policy?”

  • It is our goal to provide quality care for all of the children enrolled in our program. We do our best to help children through disruptive behaviors with positive guidance. If all of our behavior modification and management tools fail, a meeting can be arranged between the parents, teachers, and director where a plan can be put into place to best meet the needs of all involved.

“What is the religion that you practice?”

  • All Saints Episcopal Church in Vista is a not for profit organization. We by extension are an Episcopalian preschool. Because of our diverse student body, we keep our religious activities light, fun, and age appropriate. Songs, Bible stories, and short prayers are done daily and our Pastor comes to host Chapel every Thursday.