Garden Gnomes will take an hour of the morning (two thirty-minute groups) to work, improve, grow, and develop our school garden! The children will learn about the growth of plants, the insects we will inevitably find, their ecosystem, and what plants can do. The activity will be semi-voluntary for the children, they are asked to come out and if they really don’t want to they may stay in the classroom. Garden Gnomes will likely result in all of us being messy and covered in dirt! Please check the schedule for your child’s day so you will know when they might get messy! On those days feel free to send a change of clothes or dress them in things you wouldn’t mind getting dirty!

Being immersed in nature is key to helping children learn to use all five senses, and to develop a love for our planet and all the critters and plants that make it so wonderful. We hope to have the children grow to love and respect all of God’s creations with this new program and help them learn to love and take care of our earth.

If you ever want to dig in and come and join us we would enjoy having you volunteer, and donations of soil, seeds or plants are always welcome!

We look forward to this new facet of our curriculum and getting to watch the children take ownership of our school grounds!