We are open year round, from  7:00 AM and to 6:00 PM, aside from designated school holidays. We offer a morning half-day program, from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, unfortunately, we do not offer afternoon programs. Our full day program is from doors open to close, and we offer three daily schedules. Two days (Tuesday and Thursday), three days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), and five days (Monday through Friday).  We are not open on the weekend.

If your child does not attend school on their scheduled day, they will not be able to make it up on an unscheduled day. This is due to our licensed capacity. You must inform us in advance if you are in need of a “drop-in” day, if we have available space for your child they are welcome to attend. Drop off is not allowed after 10:00 to avoid disruption of the class. You may, however, call ahead and have it approved in the case of a prescheduled appointment.