Can you believe that summer is almost over? Back to school is just around the corner, and teachers are busy getting their classes ready for school. Although it’s always sad to say goodbye to summer, the children are getting excited about getting back to work. We have a few more weeks of summer activities left before school starts again for us on August 19th. Sadly, our last Splash Day will be Aug. 9th, and we will be having a Luau that day to celebrate the end of summer!
With the start of the school year we always like to remind parents that children do better at school if they have had a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Our day starts at 9a.m., so it is always helpful for children to be here by that time. Drop off is not permitted after 10:00a.m. unless previously agreed upon by the office staff. Late drop offs are hard for the children, and disruptive to the class. If children come in late, they miss out on snack and a big chunk of the academic work that is done in the morning. =)
Reminders for a great start to the year:

➢ Remember to dress your child in comfortable weather appropriate clothing. High heels, flip flops and boots are hard for the children to run and climb in.

➢ We ask that you not allow your child to bring in toys from home unless their teacher has designated that day as a share day. Toys from home can cause a lot of fighting amongst the children, and always lead to too many sad faces.

➢ Remember to pack lots of healthy snack options for your child’s day.

➢ Clear out your child’s cubby every Friday, and bring nap things home to be laundered.

Lastly, we ask for your patience during a time of transition. We have hired a new book keeper, and we are working on updating software that would allow us to serve you better. In the meantime, certain requests for statements and receipts may take us a little extra time. Thank you for your understanding!

Thursday, August 1st & Splash Day
Friday August 9th & Splash Day & end of Summer Party

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