Andrea M.’s

“I have 4 children. 14 years old, 4 years old (almost 5), and 4 year old twins (just turned 4)…yes the little 3 are 11 months apart and the same age as of now. I have a whole history with this preschool. I am a native and went to the Eucalyupts location when I was a child. It might sound crazy but I do have memories of when I was there. My mom was welcomed with open arms into the church and then offered a position to help at the preschool.

So when I had my first who is now 14, I looked into the Shadowridge location because it was a newer school and at the age of 2 I had placed my child there even though I was a first time mom being way over protective. My best friend who I’ve known since 1st grade also placed her son . Together we trusted strangers with our children and shortly found out that even though they were in separate age groups the staff made sure they would see each other and comfort each other (which I happened to walk into one day). At that time my oldest had finished the rest of those few little years before kinder and was well prepared.I was then blessed with my “little” 3. I looked at several different places but my heart was with All Saints since they cared for my oldest so well. After visiting about 7-8 different places where my kids would cling on to my leg walking in. As soon as I walked into BOTH locations these were the only 2 places my kids actually let go and decided to explore. I knew they were comfortable. They first started out at the Eucalyptus location and a few months later they had opening at the Shadowridge location…which I originally wanted because my oldest had gone here.

As they were transferred over because they finally got space for 3 about the same age, I was able to see that several of teachers were the same teachers that were there about 10+ years before that. THAT ALONE showed me that this was a consistent and great place to be. Ms. Denise, Ms. Kim, Ms. Alicia, Ms. Laleh…I hope I’m not forgetting anyone…they all remember me from my oldest being there. Now I have had Ms. Gale, Ms. Sandrine, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Machala, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Sandy, Ms. Eloise, Mr. Izzy. I cannot thank this staff enough!!! My children learn and come home with the most amazing things and I am able to talk to each of the staff and they love and recognize everything my children go through. I am so blessed and thankful to have everyone that makes this preschool run. There are many more.

I just feel so blessed to have my children at a place I don’t have to wonder about their safety or well being. If they are still open and running, you better believe my grand children will be coming here lol hopefully that’s a long time away. Trust and safety is #1! They have shown me much more and exceeded in this!”